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Breast Services

USA surgeons specializing in breast disease in the Chattanooga region can provide patients comprehensive evaluation of breast problems including breast lumps, abnormal mammograms, breast pain, nipple drainage and evaluation of patients with a strong family history of breast cancer.

A breast abnormality on an exam or mammogram raises many emotions and concerns. If a lump or abnormality has been detected, your specialist may recommend a biopsy. While this thought may be frightening, the results can provide reassuring peace of mind. USA surgeons perform the latest minimally invasive breast biopsies, in the comfort of our office, using stereotactic and ultrasound guidance.

USA surgeons also perform breast cancer surgery as well as coordinating breast cancer care and therapy with other specialists.

A woman’s peace of mind and healthy future is important to the surgeons and staff of USA Breast Services. Because breast problems can produce considerable patient anxiety, USA can schedule a new patient for an appointment with one of our surgeons within 48 hours.

Clinical Services 
The surgeons and staff of USA Breast Services offer unique clinical services for its patients in the privacy of our offices.

  • New patient consultation for breast lesion in 24–72 hours.
  • Same-day, in-office ultrasound with biopsy.
  • In-office stereotactic breast biopsy.
  • In-office fine needle aspirations same day as appointment.
  • Pathology results 24–48 hours from time biopsy is performed.
  • In-office MammoSite balloon placement for radiation therapy.
  • In-office Gail Model Risk assessments.
  • Multi-disciplinary management of treatment plan.

Support Services 
The surgeons and staff of USA Breast Services offer unique support services, providing patients alternative resources and support professionals which can assist in coping with breast disease issues and questions.
  • Coordinated referral for support services such as lymphedema therapy, breast cancer support, risk counseling and nutritional services.
  • Breast disease education.
  • Enrollment in clinical research trials.
  • Educational support library with lending videos, books and training models.