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Surgeries We Perform

Anal/Rectal Procedures
PPH (stapled hemorrhoidopexy)
Hemorrhoidal banding (rubber band ligation)
Incision, drainage, and seton placement 
   for abscess/fistula
Mucosal advancement flap
Anal fistula plug, fibrin glue
Lateral internal sphincterotomy for fissure
Anoplasty for anal stenosis
Formalin installation for radiation proctitis
Karydakis flap for pilonidal disease
Incision, drainage and excision for hidradenitis 
Anal pap smear
High resolution anoscopy 
Fulguration and office-based treatments for anal condyloma
Overlapping sphincteroplasty for fecal 
Rectocele repair
Transanal and transrectal ultrasound
Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM)
Transanal excision of rectal polyps/tumors
Colonoscopy, proctoscopy and anoscopy: 
   screening, diagnostic and therapeutic

Abdominal Procedures
Laparoscopic/traditional bowel resection 
   (malignant and benign disease)
Surgical treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
 -Ilio Anal Pouch Anastomosis or “J pouch”
Repair of rectovaginal and rectourethral fistula
Rectal prolapse repair 
   (abdominal and perineal approaches)