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Kidney Transplant

Since 1989, University Surgical Associates (USA) surgeons have performed more than 450 kidney transplant operations in Chattanooga, TN.

In approximately 70 percent of these procedures, the kidneys come from cadaveric sources. The other 30 percent are retrieved from living, related sources.

USA surgeons offer laparoscopic nephrectomy operations to make the donor operation easier on patients in this latter circumstance.  Immunosupression is jointly supervised by USA transplant surgeons and the local nephrology group

Patient identification and initial workup to transplantation takes a minimum of six weeks. Early referral to the Erlanger Regional Kidney Transplant Center is helpful to patients wishing to avoid dialysis.

Please call (423) 778-8067.


USA Kidney Transplant Physician Staff

Alan J. Koffron, MD

Philip W. Smith, MD

What is:
Kidney Transplant Surgery?