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Mission and Commitment

University Surgical Associates' mission is service to people. Through the leadership of our physicians, in partnership with our employees, we strive to compassionately provide excellence in surgical care to the citizens of our region.

To our employees, we will provide a comfortable workplace, equitable wages and a pleasant atmosphere. We fully support ongoing training, honesty and open lines of communication with an emphasis on team spirit.

To our surgical residents, we will provide leadership and training in the art and science of surgery. While we endeavor to help them to realize their full potentials as a person, we are obligated to graduate general surgeons who are technically skilled and fundamentally sound.

We value our families above all else and will take adequate time from our professional lives to support and maintain their well being. We value our colleagues and will make ourselves available to their needs and the needs of their patients in a spirit of camaraderie. We are committed to each other to provide an atmosphere of continuing improvement both personally and professionally.

To our community, we will provide access to quality surgical care to every individual. We will continue our involvement in organized medicine, both regionally and nationally, with the ultimate goal of better patient care.