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Amy's Encouraging Story

March 23rd, 2016

Amy Lombardo has always tried to live an active and healthy lifestyle. As a nurse practitioner in the NICU at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, she’s always on the go. She grew up swimming and made athletics a part of her regular routine. Amy also focused on eating well to maintain a healthy weight. At age 52, she had her first colonoscopy and everything was normal. Her physician told her to come back for her next screening in 10 years. Then everything changed.

“Three years ago, I went to the bathroom and had bloody diarrhea. I went back for another colonoscopy and they found a tumor,” says Amy. “Surgery was required to remove the tumor, and because a lymph node was affected it was also removed along with 25 more.” 

Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero, M.D., colorectal surgeon at University Surgical Associates, performed a laparoscopic procedure to remove the golf ball sized tumor. But the progression of Amy’s cancer also meant she needed chemotherapy. 

A Surprising Discovery 
Because Amy had no family history of colorectal cancer and worked hard at managing her risk factors, a cancer diagnosis was a shock to her. But thankfully Dr. Lorenzo helped her through every step of the process. 

“Dr. Lorenzo is one of the most fantastic people,” Amy says . “I’ve been around medicine for 30 years, and she epitomizes what you want in a physician – straightforward but also kind.” 

Amy is now fully recovered and back to doing the things she loves – like skiing, going to the gym, working in the yard, and running with her husband and her dog. The trio has also participated in the Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation’s Rump Run for the last three years to raise awareness about colon cancer. 

Amy also shares her experiences and encourages her friends and family over age 50 to have a colonoscopy. When she discovered that Dr. Lorenzo could also perform her routine follow-up colonoscopies after cancer treatment, the decision was easy: “Dr. Lorenzo’s the one I want to take care of me.” 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lorenzo or one of the other colorectal surgeons with University Surgical Associates, call (423) 267-0466.

I’ve been around medicine for 30 years, and Dr. Lorenzo epitomizes what you want in a physician – straightforward but also kind.

Posted by University Surgical  | Category: colorectal cancer
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